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Keepsake Ideas for Remembering Your Horse

The bonds humans form with horses are often extremely strong — perhaps even more significant than with other animals. All the time spent caring for a horse and riding together leads to a close friendship that emotionally goes beyond the usual pet and owner relationship.

Sadly, this makes it incredibly difficult to lose a horse and saying goodbye can feel the same as grieving for a human friend or relative. Something that can make it a little bit easier is to find a way to remember your horse after they're cremated. Here are some ideas for permanent keepsakes of your horse.

A lock of hair

Many people choose to keep some of their horse's hair, which is a lovely way to remember them. Ask your cremation company to save some hair for you if you're unable to get it yourself, and they'll be happy to oblige.

A simple way to save the hair is to mount it in a small frame that can be displayed in your home. You can also have it made into jewellery you can carry with you always, which is a service the crematorium may offer.

Your horse's saddle

Saddles are usually well-made, long-lasting and ornate. After your horse passes away, they can make a nice reminder of the happy times you spent together. A saddle can be placed on a shelf or mantelpiece, or even mounted on a wall. They look particularly good alongside other mementos or your horse.

A decorative cremation casket

Saving your horse's ashes and keeping them safely in a beautiful casket is the perfect way to ensure they're always nearby. Caskets and urns are made in many different designs, some of which don't give away what they hold if you'd rather visitors to your home didn't know. If you want to keep your horse's ashes, make sure you request an individual horse cremation rather than a communal one, as communal cremains are best for scattering in a memorial garden.

A nicely-framed photograph

Don't underestimate how meaningful a simple photo can be, especially when it's framed beautifully and displayed somewhere prominent. It shows how much your horse meant to you, and you'll be able to see it often.

Pictures are easy to combine with other keepsakes, perhaps displaying one alongside the horse's ashes. You could also have a lock of hair mounted in the same frame as a photo, creating a small memorial that can be displayed in your home.