Finding the Right Place For Your Pet Stay

How do You Make Your Cat's Boarding Stay Easy -- For Both of You? Here Are the Top Three Tips!

As a cat lover, you already know that an angry or resentful cat can take the well known feline aloofness to a whole new level. Worried about how your cat might react to their time in a cat boarding facility whilst you're away? Fortunately, you can do a few things to ensure that your cat's stay in a boarding facility is smooth and easy for both of you. Here's what you need to know. 

Keep Their Diet Consistent

Keeping your cat's diet consistent is an important part of helping them cope with the cat boarding facility well. In the week leading up to your cat's boarding stay, be sure to feed them exactly the same thing every day -- and stock up on their food as well. Ask your cat boarding facility whether they feed the same brand that your cat is accustomed to ahead of time. If they don't have your cat's preferred food, plan to bring along plenty of food for the caregivers to use whilst your cat is boarding there. Whilst away from home, your cat may experience some anxiety and having a consistent diet can make them feel calmer and shows them that not everything has changed.

Choose a Special Comfort Object

Most cat boarding facilities are happy to allow pet owners to bring along special comfort objects for their cat. Choose one of your cat's favourite objects, whether it's a blanket, a toy, or something else -- even a piece of your own clothing.

Whilst it might seem odd, it's actually best not to wash and dry the comfort object before your cat's boarding appointment. The object itself offers a lot of comfort for your cat -- but it's actually the scent of the object that gives your cat the most comfort. Your cat's comfort object smells like you, like home, and like everything they love -- it's the perfect way to keep your cat connected to you and to their home whilst they're boarding.

Collect Your Cat's Medications

Around a week ahead of your cat's boarding visit, collect all of their regular medications into a single clear zipper bag. This allows your cat's caregivers to easily access and dispense their medication each day without worry about it being mixed up with another pet's medicine. Whilst the medications are usually labeled with dosages, prepare an index card listing all of the medications and their dosages to make it easy. If any of the tablets must be split, ask your cat boarding facility if they have a pill splitter or if you need to provide it. As long as your cat gets their needed medications right on schedule, they'll stay healthy and feel well whilst they're boarding.

If your cat is going to cat boarding soon, use the tips above to properly prepare. Your cat will not only adjust to the boarding facility -- they might even enjoy it!