Finding the Right Place For Your Pet Stay

Behind the Scenes at the Boarding Kennels

There's nothing like a well earned holiday, but having to leave your best friend behind can make the occasion a little bitter sweet. If you're planning a stay in a boarding kennel for your dog or cat, you're probably full of concerns. But the staff and management of boarding kennels know your pets mean the world to you and with many alternative facilities available the race is on to provide the most convivial country club for your canine or the puuurfect condo for your kitty.

Here's everything you ever wanted to know about boarding kennels.

Will he have enough to eat?

Yes. When you arrive, the staff at your local kennels will ask you about your dog or cat's diet. Good kennels will feed your pet according to the routine that you have established at home and, with advance notice, can accommodate a range of diets for health-conscious or just plain fussy eaters.

Where will he sleep?

Your boarding kennel will provide a comfortable bed for your dog or cat, such as a wooden deck bed or hammock bed with a sheepskin. If you prefer to bring along your pet's favourite bed you are welcome to do so, and if he has a favourite toy you can pack that too.

Will my dog get enough exercise?

Yes. The staff at the kennel will exercise your dog 2 - 3 times each day, and will usually be able to provide you a choice of grassed or concrete exercise yards. To keep all animals safe, kennel staff will not exercise dogs together unless they are from the same family.

I have two dogs. Can they spend time together?

Yes, absolutely. The staff at your boarding kennel understand that your pets may miss home, and they'll do whatever they can to make their stay as enjoyable as possible. If your pets play well together they will be given plenty of opportunities to spend time together.

Are all the fellow residents vaccinated?

Absolutely. Most boarding kennels require that all dogs and cats that come to stay are up to date with their vaccinations. Your vet can provide you with a certificate showing your pet's vaccination history.

My dog is on medication. Will he be ok?

Upon check in you'll be asked to complete a form detailing your vet's contact details, and any medical concerns you have about your pet. If your cat or dog is taking any medication you can provide it to the staff, along with a letter of instruction from your vet. Boarding kennel staff are used to dealing with medication, and you can be sure your little guy will have his medication right on schedule.

What if my pet gets sick?

If your dog or cat becomes ill while staying at the boarding kennels, the staff will ensure he is seen by your own vet. If it's after hours they'll access a 24 hours emergency vet.

Whether your pet is boisterous or sickly, carefree or fussy, your boarding kennel is equipped to handle it. With attentive health care, plenty of exercise, great food and and comfortable beds, you couldn't ask for more.